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Make a Girl Fall In Love With You Quickly

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Never try to make a girl fall in love with you if you aren't serious about the relationship.

How To Make a Girl Fall In Love With You Quickly 

You cannot make a girl fall in love with you if she isn't willing. However, if the girl you want to fall quickly in love with you already has feelings for you, you can show her how lovable you are so you can speed up the process. If she's already falling in love with you, you can help her make the decision as to whether or not you are the one for her.


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      Be what she wants while still being yourself. Don't change your personality for her, but try highlighting your best features instead. If the girl you want is looking for a man who is confident, smart, funny and easy to talk to, show her you have these qualities. Show her you can carry on any kind of conversation, not just one about sports statistics.
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      Keep her laughing. Many women love humor and a man who can make them laugh. They want to be with someone fun and interesting. Be funny without being cruel. Don't make fun of others to seem funnier because women do not appreciate an unkind man.
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      Compliment her regularly. Don't be obvious and creepy about it; be direct. Above all else, be honest with your compliments. Telling her she's beautiful is always something she wants to hear but surprising her with a specific compliment that isn't obvious is even better. For example, compliment her personality by telling her you love seeing the faces of the people she's speaking to because she has such a natural way of making them light up when she's engaging them.
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      Make her think of you subconsciously. When she thinks of you or hears your name, make sure the first word that pops into her head in relation to you is a favorable one, such as funny or handsome or sweet. To do so, be the charming, funny guy she likes. When you are upbeat and confident in yourself she will feel the same way.
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      Tell her how you feel about her. This is a gamble. If she doesn't feel the same way it could be devastating to you. However, if she does feel the same way or she's well on her way to feeling that way, knowing how you feel could make her fall for you faster.
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