Friday, 16 November 2012

How To Become Strong

 This is my first post on this blog.This post is about how to become strong.

Everyone wants to be strong. But most people don't know how to become strong. Life is so much difficult that without being strong one cant even enjoy ones life. First of all, let's define the word "strong". Does it mean overcoming life's difficulties quickly? Does it mean ignoring obstacle ?

These are few points to become strong:-

1. The first thing to become strong is your food you eat.

2. Avoid red-chilli as much as u can


3. Instead of red-chilli you can prefer green-chilli which won't harm your health.


4. Avoid Tamarind in your curries.Try to eat it as less as you can.


5. Take few chickpeas and few raisins and put them in a bowl containing water before going to bed.After waking up in the morning have them as your breakfast regularly.

6. After eating that eat a boiled egg

7. And the last one is eat two bananas with milk.

 I hope that these foods will make your body strong as you want.
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Danish Fareed
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